Frequently asked questions

What is a Fee-only fiduciary advisor?

As a "fee-only" Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) we do not earn commissions on trades or financial product sales. As a fiduciary, we are legally obligated to put our clients interests ahead of our own and disclose any potential conflicts of interest. Learn more about Fee-Only Advisors

What is a separately managed account (SMA)?

When you invest in a SMA, you directly own the securities (stocks and bonds) within your portfolio. This gives more flexibility to personalize your investment experience and avoid the negatives of a pooled investment approach. At Bluebird Wealth we utilize the SMA structure to provide our clients with a transparent view of their portfolio positions and trading activitiy. In addition, it allows for customized strategies and tax management opportunities. Learn more about Separately Managed Accounts

How do I view my account as a Bluebird Wealth client?

When you partner with Bluebird Wealth, we manage your investments, but do not take custody of your assets. We have chosen TD Ameritrade Institutional as our trusted third-party custodian. TD Ameritrade provides ongoing account reporting, online access and data security with the "TD Ameritrade Asset Protection Guarantee". Click here to access your existing Bluebird Wealth Management account

How can I learn more about partnering with Bluebird Wealth Management?

We understand navigating the financial services industry can be a difficult task. Whether you are looking for ongoing advice or just have a few questions, a no obligation conversation is the best way to start. Use the link below to find a convenient time to speak with us! Schedule an Introduction Call Here

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